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Jandita is a community school in Conil de la Frontera made up of a group of families from different backgrounds and occupations but with common values, who have come together with great enthusiasm and energy to create an active and respectful educational space for girls and boys.

We know that the first years of growth are fundamental because they lay the foundations for future development.

The school's educational program is based on the principles of Montessori with trained and experienced teachers.

What we offer

  • A space that allows us to respond to the needs of each girl and boy, respecting their individual development process and taking into account all aspects of her being (physical, emotional, intellectual, social).
  • A project in which ecological, humanist, coexistence, justice, tolerance values are promoted and fostered, developing respect for oneself, towards other people and towards the environment.
  • A safe space adapted to children, in contact with nature and with enough space for their expansion and development.

International school Conil open to all cultures and languages

International School open to all cultures and languages

Over the past 10 years Conil has become more and more international with families arriving from all over the world to live. Some children speak 4 different languages and despite their young age have already lived in many places. In La Jandita we aspire to make all families and children feel at home. Although our main language is Spanish the children and parents help each other to translate, adapt and understand.

Green school in Conil, Cadiz

Green and ecological school in Cadiz

Cadiz is a place in paradise and we want to keep it that way. Prestine clean beaches, beautiful forest, large areas of land with natural parks, organic and ecological agriculture and renewable energy. Jandita aspires to be a green school in terms of materials, food, beverages and waste management. For example we grow our own fruits and vegetables and explore topics such as recycling, water, animals and plants. The children learn about the importance of protecting the planet for future generations.

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Prepared and safe environments

We understand by this a carefully organized space according to Montessori principles for the children to move freely in an autonomous and self-directed way, an environment suitable for the needs of their development that covers social, emotional and intellectual aspects and where their learning comes from the inside out.

Accompanying principles

Along with the prepared physical space, they are also offered an environment where everyone is lovingly welcomed, where care prevails and where there is a framework that facilitates the fact that each boy and girl, to the extent of their possibilities, can choose what they want to do and what they want to learn. Above all, a safe space is offered in which the expression of emotions and needs is accompanied at all times.

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Communication and active listening

We foster communication that helps us connect with ourselves and with other people in a harmonious and sincere way. Starting by observing how what happens outside affects us inside, trying to connect with the flow of our emotions to discover the needs that underlie those feelings and be able to present our wants and needs in a positive way.

We also encourage active listening that allows us to put ourselves in the other person's shoes and understand their motives: listen to feelings and understand the different perspectives from which the other expresses himself, both what is said with words and what is not verbalized. We attempt to detect the emotions behind the speech of the other person, deepening their understanding and accepting the different points of view. Our approach, in short, is to work listening from empathy, also paying attention to avoid value judgments.

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Respect for times and rhythms

It is essential at Jandita Conil to respect the times of children, their growth processes, their natural evolution, the stage of development they are in and their interests at all times.

Montessori acknowledges that each childs over time provides the moments to acquire new knowledge, to perform a task, to interact with the world, to perceive reality and to reaffirm an already acquired learning.

Generally the concept of time of children is totally different from that of the adult world. When the little ones carry out an action all their senses, attention, concentration and emotions are at the service of what is happening at that moment. A connection is established with her inner self, it is a moment of presence and enjoyment of the "here and now", an awareness of the moment they are living. This is something that, sometimes for adults, immersed in our "fast" world, we find it difficult to understand and respect.

If we approach their vital attitudes, it is probable that we will progressively become aware of many aspects of reality that, because they are so habitual, we no longer even perceive. This change of vision will help develop a more relaxed environment and more authentic relationships, so that the development of girls and boys, which depends directly on the environment we offer them, can unfold their full potential.

Family-school relationship and coherence

At Jandita Conil we consider family-school coherence to be essential. It is essential that this relationship is based on communication, trust and mutual support so that the accompaniment of boys and girls is as respectful and fluid as possible.

Balance between structured and unstructured materials

We offer a balance between structured materials, those that have been developed with a specific learning purpose; and unstructured materials, which stimulate creative thinking. This last type of object does not have a specific function or purpose, it is the girl or the boy who assigns it a use if she so wishes. They adapt naturally to their evolutionary stage given that, as they do not have a specific purpose, they will adapt to the development and interests of each person. In turn, they offer great possibilities for each child to investigate for himself, based on his own interests and natural curiosity.

Awareness and presence

Presence is the awareness of ourselves, of our emotions, of our body, of our thoughts. From this first step, being centered in myself, I can perceive the world and other people from that place.

This self-awareness allows us to be emotionally available to the other person and in turn allows us to develop listening in the broadest sense.

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The school is based on the Montessori core principles of Love, Freedom and Trust.


We believe that growth processes occur under the influence of love. It is the force that makes evolution possible. To love is to respect the vital processes of people.

Security and trust

Respecting the way of interacting with the environment is the best way to provide security.


We allow the needs of all people to manifest themselves and we look for ways to fully cover them.


Possibility of being ourselves. For that we need to be connected, so it is essential to have the possibility to decide.


We are autonomous systems capable of creating our own structures and motor, cognitive, emotional, social and sensory development occurs progressively.

Responsibility and compromise

We believe in the importance of generating responsibility and commitment with oneself, with others, with the spaces and materials, adapting ourselves to the moment of development of each girl and boy.

"Everyone talks about peace, but nobody educates for peace. People educate for competition and this is the principle for any war. When we educate to cooperate and be in solidarity with each other, that day we will be educating for peace."
- Maria Montessori

Where to find us?

The school is based just outside of Conil de la Frontera, very close to the beautiful beaches of the Cadiz coast. The children attending the school come from Chiclana, Conil, El Palmar, El Colorado and Roche.

The Janda region is in the southwest of the province of Cádiz, in Andalusia, and is part of the Costa de la Luz. The environment is beautiful and consists of long beaches of fine sand, areas of pine forests, cliffs with coves.

With a pleasant climate, abundant flora and fauna, the environment offers innumerable opportunities for learning in contact with nature. Throughout the year, excursions are organized to promote outdoor play, take advantage of the teachings of nature and encourage the learning of different skills in a natural environment.

What are you waiting for?

If you are looking for a Montessori, Kindergarten, Green school, Forest school or Nature school with an international environment then La Jandita might be the right school for your children. Contact us to organise a visit.

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